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Nofeel FTP Server supports multi-language User Interface, you can find your native UI language files here if your native language is not English. If you like, you can also create your native language files.

After downloading the file, unzip it, copy all unzipped files to 'lang' folder in Nofeel FTP Server program directory, usually it's C:\Program Files\Nofeel FTP Server\lang. Restart the administration program, in menu 'Language' you can find your native language item.

If there is no files available for your native language, and you are willing to provide your native language translation for other users, please send them to, tell us the server version you are using. We appreciate your help for making Nofeel FTP Server better.
Language Server Version Provider Download
Japanese 3.6.3600 Shi Jun download
Japanese 3.6.3520 Shi Jun download
French 3.2.3342 Jean-Michel Coinus download
French 3.2.3304 Jean-Michel Coinus download
French 3.2.3260 Jean-Michel Coinus download
Russian 3.0.2630 Evgeny Dementev download
French 3.0.2628 Jean-Michel Coinus download
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